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Terms and conditions


In order to avoid any misunderstandings, I ask all clients to read through the below information covering the details of the photoshoot. These terms will need to be agreed upon prior to the shoot.



  • 1. PAYMENT SCHEDULE. The Client must pay the non refundable deposit to secure the session time slot. Full payment should be made before or the day of the shoot.


  • 2. POSTPONEMENT & CANCELLATION. All deposit fees are non refundable unless you cancel 2 weeks prior to the shoot. This allows the photographer to find a replacement for your session. You may gift your session to a friend if you cannot make it. Or you can choose to use the credit for a Full session some other day.

  • 3. COVERAGE. Photo sessions are available for families, children, couples and groupings of no more than 6 people. Pets are welcome if the location allows. There's an extra cost for each additional person. 


  • 4. TIME SLOT. The photographer will reserve the date and time once the non-refundable deposit has been received. 


  • 5. ARRIVAL. The Client acknowledges they must arrive 10-20 minutes prior to scheduled time slot to be ready to start shooting on time. If Client is late to the scheduled time slots, the time will not be extended or rescheduled.


  • 6. RAIN DATE. The photographer reserves exclusive right to reschedule sessions due to weather conditions including but not limited to rain, wind, or extreme temperatures etc. The photographer will notify the client via email 24-48 hours in advance if the session needs to be rescheduled. 


  • 7. DELIVERY OF IMAGES. Images will not be released until Client has paid in full.  


  • Images will be selected and edited by the Photographer according to Sofi Alexander Photography's discretion in a combination of color, black and white, and artist toning. Alternate edits may be requested at an additional cost.


  • High Resolution Digital Images will be made available 1-2 weeks following the date of the session. They will be uploaded to an online gallery provided by the Photographer. This gallery will be available for 8 weeks and will provide access to purchase prints and canvases and downloads of files. Any print quality or shipping issues related to products are to be dealt with via the lab directly and are not the responsibility of the photographer.


  • Client acknowledges they know how to download and SAVE the images from the web onto Client’s computer. The photographer is not responsible for user error in downloading and saving final images. 


  • Client acknowledges that there are no USB’s or DVD(s) included in the price of the photo session.


  • Original unedited RAW files are not available for purchase. 


  • The Client understands that he/she has chosen Sofi Alexander Photography because of her photographic style and grants the Photographer the right to exercise her creativity to capture the best images possible.


  • The Client understands that he/she may not demand a refund or re-shoot or refuse to pay any money owing under this Agreement due to differences in artistic preference in the final images, wardrobe regret or windy conditions.


  • The photographer shall not be responsible for photographs not taken as a result of the Client’s or any other subject’s failure to provide reasonable cooperation, allow sufficient time, or ensure subjects are available at the appropriate time. This includes unhappy or uncooperative children.

  • 8. COPYRIGHT: The copyright and all other rights in the Photos shall be retained by Sofi Alexander Photography. The Photographer asserts the right to be credited as the author of the Photos in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Any unauthorized reproduction or modification of any images will constitute a breach of copyright. This includes making copies or ‘screen shots’ of images shared by the photographer online.

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